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Once considered a Chav-free zone, minus the occasional lost chav who fell asleep on the bus or got off the train too early from weymouth (or Weybiza). As soon as the year 2005 came into being, all number of Chavs seemed to spawn from such god-forsaken holes as Castle Park, Victoria Park, Old Poundbury and the grand daddy of them all Holbaek Close. Chavs seem to ‘hang-out’ is the Borough Gardens (or Burra Gardans!!) were many sordid acts happen in the large bushes… say no more. They however do retreat to the safety of there hovels after 8pm when the clubbers come into action driving the lesser chavs into the shadows. These chavs are scared of goths who are the original inhabitants of these areas (mentioned above) they have alot of time to grow providing they don’t get bored in 6 months and actually grow out of this silly nonsense!

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