Dorchester has areas which are **** free, these are the private houses and seem like an oasis to me where you could live a normal life, the area of Fordington in Dorchester is very quaint and pretty but is spoilt by the ***** from the housing estates. The **** boys have a favourite trick which is to mess about with your car without causing criminal damage so you cant phone the police and prosecute but you have to put up wioth your car constabtly being messed about with, These tricks include the wing mirrors being pushed in, the wipers being pushed out, eggs and food on the car. often they do whole streets like this. The **** boys that do it are at the age now where they should be growing up, around fourteen fifteen but they are exremely immature, they do things like walk on the roofs of the local hall or youth club, or knock on your door and run away or throw eggs at your house. I live with a whole group of *****. one woman in particular is very loud, they spend all day and every day outside in the street where they live, it is noticable that they never go out anywhere. the fact that they are examples to theior children doesnt get acknowledged, for example, smoking, drinking, fighting and generally being abnoxious and nasty is what they are teaching their children. This woman in particular seems to have some sort of anti social/ learning difficulty. she is very abusive and load and shows off with her friends in ear shot and yet the next day you walk past her when she is on her own and she doesnt say a thing. she is 27 but is still stuck in the playground, she once said, “we need more people to move in here so we can take the piss out of them, its getting boring” one night i heard a loud thump on my front door, when i looked out of the wondow I saw it was her. I looked out of the upstairs window and i saw a group of adult supposedly mature women all geering each other up to knock on my door and run away. These are women who are in their late twenties early thirties, who have had children and have families. When I looked out of the window again i saw this woman with an excited, silly face on running down the path to knock on my door. I could see her rolls of fat and flab wobbling up and down and she was heading this way. My next door neighbour is a kind of ****, she’s enormous and doesnt go out anywhere and obviously takes little excersise. she used to listens to techno music which has no sound or tune and has got to be the lowest art form. her music is so loud that you have got to wonder whether her childrens hearing isnt damaged. her youngest three year old wonders around and says things like “******* open the dorr you ******* idiot, get that ******* thing etc etc” she sounds just like her mother but her mother is too thick to notice what she is doing. Now all the young ***** hang around at the house and its my worst nightmare, the next door down bar one has two teenage daughters who are also rude, antagonistic and look for arguments at every opportinty simply because they are not normal. the youngest one has been extensively bullied and she has been so desperate to fit in with the **** crowd for so many years that she has now turned herself  into a nasty, hateful ***** because she thinks that that is how you should be to fit in. her eldest sister opens her bedroom window and plays silly techno music on this little tinny stereo, so on a beautiful summer sunday afternoon all you can hear is “I’m a Barbie girl, youe a barbie boy, thats fantastic etc”. Anyone with half a brain should realise that maybe us residents a few who are over fifty might not like tinny techno. why would anyone have to open a window and put their stereo in the window everytime you want to hear some music is beyond me.

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