Donnington in telford

ShropshireWest Midlands

Welcome to the chav hole that is Donnington in Telford. Please enjoy your stay in this place where Nike shocks breed and Burberry is painted onto people aposed to wearing it

Donnington has other things to offer as well, such as the occasional threat, or if your lucky the occasional glassing from small ‘wreck-heads’ drinkin’ bottles of wkd and smoking paper pretendin’ to get stoned. The chav’s have 4 main watering holes in Donnington. The main one being ‘the Jockey Inn’. There is accommodation for sitting, and basketball hoops, to put young skaters’ boards or children’s hats in the local park.
Donnington also has a growing population of 90-degree hats, the population has seemed to go from 60 to 61 as one child has joined the herd. Mostly Donnington has to offer is probably the inbreeding of ‘tracki’s’ tucked in sock’ this is a rather funny sight, ‘tis even funnier when it rains, they all moan about wet feet.

Of course Donnington has its local slag’s, ready for a shag there and then, ages range from 10-18 so fun for all the family, the local area for this congregation of slag’s is usually the Jockey Inn as well, the slag’s are always on time as well…there always ready, kinda dressed and have there femidoms in place by at least 3.15 outside St. Matthew’s, ready to pounce on fathers or children ready to collect there children.
Donnington is a nice place, offering a good range of cheap ass shops, many chip shops an Chinese’s, but most of all chav’s and slag’s, these are Donnington only true asset, there is the occasional boy racer, but this herd has bin enclosed by the slag’s (most of the boy racers have died from some form of undiscovered sexual disease) so it is still rare to hear the stupidly loud clio or bumpers scraping on the ground of a renault 5 but is still not extinct. The main sound in Donnington is the smashing of bottles, the howling orgasm of a budding prostitute, the clanging of ‘chav gear’ or the popping of a pill packet, but most of all the overall sound of Donnington is…YA FUKIN WHAT!
Thank you for taking the time to read this chav guide to Donnington.

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