Doncaster (My town, the place to be)

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Doncaster, well what do I say, I’ve read a couple of other peoples opinions of it but a lot of them are just a load of bullshit. I live in one of the roughest parts of Doncaster and I love it. I’m still at school I go to NDTC and it’s officialy the worst school in Doncaster with one of the highest bullying and lowest acheivement rates in Doncaster. The school is **** but the people are actually amazing.We have regular battles of the years where my year and other years (mainly the year above me) have a big riot on the top field where the teachers can no longer see because Fernbank is being built there. We also have knife fights with one of the other loacal school, it’s mint as **** mate! Only a few actually make it back to school after dinner though when thats been going off.

Doncaster has alot of new thing like shopping centre and airport. They are actually very good and a massive improvment of the old ones. The airport is called Robin Hood airport because Robin Hood is from Doncaster, he was born there and then moved to Nottingham or where ever it was when he was about 10, so that sorts that out!! If you go into the Frenchgate centre you will see large groups of different sorts of people but the ones you see the most are actually not the ***** (suprise to alot of you) it is actually the massive groups of goths out side Blue Bannana, but in saying that if you go into the loacal McDonalds or ‘Maccy D’s’ as me and my friends like to call it you will find the very large goups of ***** and pykys. The most popular place for ***** though is skating at the ome where nearly all of my friends spend their time during the weekend, it’s a great place to go get pissed and take drugs with the smack heads and pykys, we love it! If you got to the ASDA outside the after 6 pm on a sunday night you will find boy racers in their pimped out ****** cars thinking their going to be the next Lewis Hamilton or in the next Need for Speed movie (it’s soooo good).

Trains and buses go nearly every where from Donny because we actually used to make trains here and tractors! You might of had to get off at Doncaster train station once and wait for your next train to arrive and gone out side for a *** and saw a lot of traps and ***** outside, Doncaster is not actually like that, that’s just the town’s train station because they know lots of rich people will be there and it’s a good place to steal things, that’s all.

How grim is your Postcode?

If you dare to venture to where I live (Woodland/Adwick) we will be knifed! Only joking we couldn’t give two f*cks about people we don’t know all we want to do is have a good time, having a piss about and getting chased by the coppers. We don’t realy get chased by the coppers that much. Place like Skellow, Highfields and Bently are pretty much the same as Woodlands except there are more **** hang abouts.

Alot of people associate Doncaster with alot of burgalars and theifs, but it’t not that bad! I have lived in the same house in Doncaster since i was 1 and we’ve never been burgaled, I’ve never even had any thing stolen from me, so how bad is it realy? The police are often over Woodlands in their helicoptors, but you never see them on them ****** police shows do you?

Doncaster is not as bad as alot of you think, if you went into Doncaster town and asked some people what they think of Doncaster I bet you most of them say it is not that bad.

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