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I have been reading people views about Doncaster. I totally disagree.
I was born here.
Majority of my family lives here.
I am no gypsy, c**v, or anything else.
I am still at teenager. 15, almost 16.
and i think that Doncaster is awesome, i would not move from here if someone paid me to, it all just depends on where you live, now i lived in Edenthorpe for 14years, and then not that long ago moved to besacarr, i have never been challenged or threatend by any sort of c**v or townii, in fact i have never fought in my life!! My friends are better known as "the popular lot" but its rather funny, how not one of us carry or own knives, or any weapon in fact, and alot of my friends are lads aged between 17-22 and yet neither of these are involved in knife crime, so if we are the supposedly rough, dangerous, unapproachable c***s. Then why do none of us not do anything wrong. Maybe the littering and the swearing, but where can you go now in the 21st Century where there are not crowds of people, being loud, and careless. For many of the crowds, they are known as "gangs" when they are not, we are not a army of angry teenagers wanting to beat the crap out of anyone who looks at us funny, that is simply the small percentage. But howcome we are all classed that way?
I use the Doncaster Intechange and pass through the Frenchgate daily, to get to and from school, and i have never had confrontation. So i say if your not looking for trouble you wont get any! If you are the sort of person to pass through a crowd of youths and sneer, dirty look, and down-grade them, then i think its your own fault.
The Doncaster Dome is a regular hang out for teens, but thats what its purpose is. People complain of mobs around the street. Then there are complaints of you all meeting and doing something constructive I.E ice-skating. It seems that nobody these days can sypathise for the teens who can’t help how they have been brought up, and is finding it hard to cope. All people do, is degrade them, when in actuall fact, if there were more sources of help, then maybe Doncaster wouldn’t be turning out  like this. But no your all to stand and judge but not to offer help.
Well thats about it now, as far as im concerned Doncaster is fine, and for everyone that has something to say, either dont come here, or if you live here.. Move, because its people like you that are dragging it through the muck. The violence, theft, drugs and drink are no more major problems that what most places have. So if your not happy you know what to do.
There is now, the Doncaster Racecourse, Doncaster Airport, New Flats, The Keepmoat Stadium, The Interchange, Transformed Frenchgate, St.James’s Refurbishment, And more leisure facilitys to be built in the near future, this will enchance Doncaster even more, and make it even better than it already is.
Doncaster Born And Bred!

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