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Doddington is basically a small fenland villiage thats surrounded by towns populated by people who’s highest ambition in life is to run a dog over with a tractor. Despite it only being one road, there are certain places that look like they’ve been hit with a ten tonne p***y bomb. For starters there’s the Abbey, main hang out of the self proclaimed ( i swear) ” Doddington Massive”. Yup, within 2 minutes of entering expect to see D.M spraypainted allover any brick looking surface ( they only have the intelligence to spray two letters at a time you see). their other main hangout area is just known as ” The Bench”. Its basically a horrid fag stained bench surrounded by Bottles of WKD and white lightning where many a chavette can be heard mouthing off about ” fak’ing gav and ‘is money” or heard shouting abuse at any “punks” that are wearing more than one item of black clothing.( But its o.k, little do they know i always piss on the bench before their nightly chavthering).

Now the doddington massive themselves are a mixed bag of twats. You have the usual 14 year old ratfucks with arms so thin they’d snap if they fell in a bush, and a penchant for those f*****g hideous clown pendants. But the rest are made up of that loveable london rudeboy who’s positive he could ” eat J l’os pussy” and that he can M.C. The other day, (and this is no joke) i saw one of the ring leaders walking around in the local post office with his shirt off and a f*****g beatbox on his shoulder.
And then there’s the pikeys who live down the road from me (of who’m the oldest is only f*****g twelve) who throw stones at any passers by while their booze stained shellsuit wearing mothers cheer them on from the burberry sofa with a fag in their hand (and propably a cock in their mouth). But the sad thing is thats only the tip of the chavberg, my normally nice villiage is being overrun by von dutch wearing chavs and chavettes, (there’s about 50 now, in a villiage of over only just a hundred people). So basically, if you ever have to pass through here, you’ll feel my pain of only being a maximum of 5 metres away from these nike wearing vauxuall raping ratshits.

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