OxfordshireSouth East

There must be someone out there more qualified than I am to write a comentary on this, which must surely be the worst town in Oxfordshire. I find it hard to understand why other towns in this County warrant a scathing attack on these pages and untill now Didcot has escaped.
A Village nestling on the edge of the Berkshire downs that has grown into a sprawling ugly Town around the Railway Station that itself is dwarved by the six monsterous cooling towers of a coal and gas power station. If the Power station were nuclear the inbred c**v s**m would have an excuse, or maybe radiation from nearby UKAEA development reactors at Harwell has part destroyed their brains, there must be a reason.
Half of the 20,000 plus residents that make up this drab Oxfordshire township have been drawn here by employment and the quick trains to London, not knowing how bad this town is. Housing developers feature photgraphs of nearby Abingdon on their brochures hoping to hide the reality. The town now has a shiny new Shopping Centre and a yet to be built Cinema is planned, perfect magnets for the thieving little pram pushing teenage chavettes.
The male c**v races his Corsa or Honda up and down the new link road since his previous drag strip of the Broadway was speed humped a couple of years ago.
Me, I don’t live there, I hope I never will. Its a bad place and has had far too many violent murders in recent years for a small town. Maybe someone who inhabits this godforsaken plot of Gods Earth can provide a fuller commentary …….

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