Didcot, Oxfordshire

Didcot, oh Didcot, what can I say? Possibly the ********* town in the UK (with the exception of Telford), the shopping “centre” is a row of about 100 shops, including such delights as 2 cheap hardware/plastic doll shops, a butcher selling bumper packs of anything and everything, a Peacocks (girl **** clothing), a Badgers (bloke **** clothing) and about 20 take out food places. The only 2 non-**** shops are Boots and Whsmith. Didcot has been described as the armpit of Oxfordshire, the people in it are even less attractive than the sweaty germs within that armpit. It’s compulsory to be, a) ugly b) obese and c) smoking with d) obligatory 6 kids (if over the age of 14) e) bling bling earrings and f) “leisure-wear” which sis usually fake, and badly fake at that. Didcot’s only (town centre) supermarket? Co-op. I rest my case.

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