Dewsbury(***** 4 lyfe)

North EastYorkshire

Dewsbury is a small town that is known for the amount of ***** that live in the town. The town is in Kirklees, West Yorkshire and is one of the most deprived towns in Kirklees. The main **** area in Dewsbury is Dewsbury Moor known as ‘The Moor’. If you visit this area you will see loads of ***** that will proberly shower you with abuse. People round these parts are allways getting ‘jumped’ and robbed. If you are not a **** i would advise you not to go here. Asian people are not liked in these areas either. As for the rest of the town. Half is full of imegrants and the other half full of *****. There is always fighting at the weekend and ***** can been see pissed up on cheap alcohol all over the town. Westborough High is one of the main schools in the area and has reformed lots of ***** in the past but they are now taking over. The counsil has tried by recently spending millions on the area but it is just thrown back in there face. People like living like this in Dewsbury. Finally some people involved in the London bombings lived here. It’s mad but people are now use to seeing pregnant pissed up teens walking up the street it’s normal.

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