Dewsbury- Sheer Decline

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Yes, another account of Dewsbury, but I feel it’s needed, cos well the others are s**t, including my own from years ago. That guy’s account of the near buggering was amusing though.
Fact is, I’m at Uni, havn’t been on this site for absolutely ages, and at this time of the night it seems infinately more amuseing than anything else I could possibly be doing.
Well where to start? I only pay Dewsbury flying visits these days, mostely to beg for money from anyone who will listen then high tail it out of there without looking back (or even breathing in for that matter, because that is of course ill advised).
Fact is guys, Dewsbury and it’s surrounding areas are some of the most depressing places to live in any part of the world, but as this whole site will testament, it’s problems are not unique.
Dewsbury shares it’s problems with anyother town of it’s size, it just may be amplified by the lack of employment in the area today.
“Fuckin’ Polish people are tekkin’ all are jobs!”
Me:”Well the jobs must have been there in the first place for them to be ‘taken'”
Unemployment of course breeds poverty, and yes there are many people on benifits bleeding the system dry to keep there assortment of malnuritioed, metally challenged offspring, but it would be unfair to label all people on benifits as ‘c***s’ or whatever, what I’m saying is, being a c**v is how you conduct yourself, and acting like a retarded fanny flicker, by, lets say, pretending to be black, smashing bus stops, happy slapping etc, makes you a first class cowardly c**t regardless of social class.
That said there are other social groups that equally piss me off in equal measure, not least cos they label themselves and are introvertive to anyone who looks different from themselves, I’m talking about you Goths and Emos ¬_¬. Some of these groups also have tendencies to act like dick heads aswell. *SQUASH CLUB*AHEM. Enough said.
Thats a point, whats the deal with the ‘goths’ on leads?
As for the Asian community of Dewsbury that thinks its cool to drive around in your nissans blaring out drum and bass, its not cool, your retards I’m afraid to say. Everyones laughing at you, even the c***s….or maybe it’s cos their racist. Hell knows.
Anyway yeah, if your a ‘c**v’ and feel like having a go at me, feel free, chances are your sentences will be unreadable anyway, just bare in mind, if theres a stereotype, there must be a massive basis for it in the first place, or else it wouldnt be one would it?

Moral of this story, Dosn’t matter what your class, ethnic, Educational background is, act like a dick, and your a c**v.

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