Written by Anonymous. Posted in East Anglia

Desborough is crap. Lets get that out of the way first. Lovingly known throughout the realms of chavs and grebs alike as ‘S**t Hole’. At the town square, it’s ‘Chav O’Clock’ every hour, terrorising other chavs etc. Animals stay away from that area. It has been reported that on radars and other sensory equiptment, the town square has turned Burberry on their screens.

Another favourite haunt is the local Budgens (yes, that’s hw crap our town is). They have big get togethers and have a ‘chav showdown’ where the local snoop daddy is decided through a rapping (R&B for the chavettes) competition. They do typical chavvy things such as pop up on unsuspecting shoppers and doing nothing unless in a big gang. You really should film them, if you have any kevlar in your storeroom or something?

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