Desborough – It amazes me how shallow the gene pool is

Living in Desborough, Northamptonshire

Desborough. It amazes me. It amazes me how much ********** there is in one small town. Extremely rude people, who are mostly incredibly dumb, arrogant and well.. a bit special.

Do not move to Desborough or Rothwell. You will not be welcome. You will only be accepted if your girlfriend is also your sister. They seem scared of outsiders for some unknown reason. The rudeness of the people of Desborough and Rothwell is astounding, but if you challenge them, they scurry off with their head down, especially the young ***** who only seem able to target the elderly with their nastiness.

Too many charity shops in Rothwell.

How grim is your Postcode?

No one can park.

There are a lot of ugly people, (probably something to do with the **********).

It’s just a sh*thole really 🙂