Derby – a treasure trove of trash awaiting discovery…

DerbyshireEast Midlands

This is the first time in a while I’ve looked on this disturbing site; a year or so ago I was shown images of rat-boys and other products of the welfare state. Removed from the context of their concrete surroundings they were startlingly gaunt, a comment on where we are now.
Looking again, what has most surprised me is the absence of a posting for Derby. For Derby IS Chavtown. All of its suburbs house only C***s; one is called Chaveston for pity’s sake. Allenton, Austin Estate, Sinfin, Osmaston, merely tryping the names brings a sense of shame and a shiver of fear. These estates house people it takes special Euro-initiatives to attempt to get back to work. Meanwhile the Council sets up City Partnerships, gladhanding with local bigwigs and social worthies as they tie up corrupt little schemes ultimately at the expense of the dispossessed underclass the project was set up to help.
The Derby City Council vision is to turn the city centre into a building site which one day soon will be one of the largest enclosed floorspaces for the purchasing of tat. The derided c***s therefore are to drive the very heart of the “City’s” economy. Many Councillors and cronies will get rich.
But Allenton, Austin and so on most definitely will not.

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