Given city status in 2002 at the exspence of poor neighbouring Blackburn & Blackpool .

While the fine folk of Preston revel in there own verciferous bullshit of being slightly more freindly than the folk of Blackpool & Blackburn . And this is the reason why they feel they was given citizenship because there foward thinking ?

I personally feel that this place with it’s oversized carbuncle of a bus station a run down market & empty shop everywhere .

Together with it’s narrow minded residents who feel quite happy to call you whatever racist name that fits there narrow little minds .

And make a point of not sitting next to you on a bus if you sound or appear different to them , will indeed make you feel most un welcome .

While i believe most towns have various problems with the modern day living & social problems i can’t help but think this town . (City) Has to be amongst the most unwelcoming & must have some of the most arrogant of residents across Britain .

Oh & need i mention if you don’t care to much about your health .

Why not try one of the many fast food outlets that you will find in & about the city centre .

This place is absolutely full of Pizza ‘ Kebab & curry houses !

and if you indeed have the misfortune of being trapped here & wan’t an evening about the town then be warned .

If the local lads dont give you a good kickin’ then i am sure the local lasses will . If your of course that way inclined mind you !

By: AAndrew

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