Denbigh- God help all ye who enter there!


Third only to Rhyl and Shotton in the stakes of Chavism, Denbigh is fast becoming a feeder town to these two monoliths of the Welsh **** movement.

The offenders usually crawl out from their council flats to collect their hard earned dole money which is spent promptly on **** and booze, they then spend thier days shopping in LIdl or Kwiksave which are conviniently close to each other, before they make thier hard journey up town to the kebab hut.

The nights are usually the best time to catch a glimpse of these bastards, either ******* by the bus stop at LIdls or the Benches up the top of town, drinking cider and abusing any one that walks by, pretending to be pissed while thier 13 year old girlfreinds hang off thier soverign encrusted hands. The Scallies ( as ***** are called up here) that can afford clapped out motors, pointlessley zoom up and down town going 70mph around the Lidl car park, giving underage ********* lifts up the road for a quickie.

The scallie uniform is usually tracksuit bottoms and imitation rockport shoes, laces undone, the tracksuit bottoms will be half mast, displaying rugby socks that never leave the legs of a true welsh scallie. The top will coinsist of some sort of ripped off sports coat with the hood pulled promptly over a grubby cap, the bearer of these items will be smoking a LAmbert and Butler cigarette while often holding a can of cider or alcopos in the other hand. Necklaces and soverigns are only seen on the hands of the older scallies who have gained respect through the ranks, the younger ***** will have to wait a while before they are allowed this honour.

The **** pub of Denbigh is the Brit, where cheap booze and chavtastic times reign supreme,, the **** supermarket is definatley Lidl where the batards seem to congregate all through the British seasons.

I have lived in Denbigh for years and am fast becoming concerned aboutn the scallie culture that has taken over the town, the locals are blaming the scousers but we blame the *****!

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