Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Wales

what a s**t hole this is. lived here for 2 long fucked up years and have gone from happy to manic depressive. it has a permanent black cloud of unhappiness hanging over it. you never seem to see  any c**t smiling at any point during the day but i soppose thats done to the fact that no fucker seems to work around here.(lazy bastards) now lets get to the nitty gritty about this place…….

the place is a councils dumping ground for junkies?

the place is crawling with junkie scum who have no shame in walking around smacked up to the f*****g eyeballs,falling all over the place not knowing where the f**k they are(wish it was not here).

i really and truly would advise people to give this place a wide birth if ever they approach the deeside area of north wales.

apart from my missus(not from here) who i met in a pub here and a couple of other close friends who live here the place is a certifiable f*****g nightmare.

please please never come here for your own sake cos once your here the fuckin depression will have you and will not let you go..