Debden, Loughton and Buckhurst Hill

East AngliaEssex

Lets start with Debden, its a crapy cancil esate with hunderds of little **** kids everywhere. The younger ***** aged 8-11 hang round at pyrles lane witch is a row of shops in the estate. the mini ***** who hang around here call themsleves the pyrles lane possi, but are known to everyonelse as the pyrles lane ******. You then get the Debden Broadway witch is where all the teen ***** aged 12-15 hang around mainly at the wimpy as there is no Macdonalds for miles, all of these ***** are trampy and are often druged up and ask anyone who looks over the age of 17 to buy them **** or sum more cider, these fools call themselves “the debden inter firm” or just “the debden crew” but really they know that if anyone came to have a fight wtih them they would just piss themselveswith fear. They mainly go to Debden Park the local high school, it is full of high tech P.Cs and lap tops but this hasnt helped the little ***** and *********. After failing or just droping out of secondry school most the ***** attented the local college of school dropouts named epping forest college. If there is a larger continget of ***** intent on wasting there lives in the whole of essex I would like to no about it. Every one at this college is either drunk on White Lighting (cheap cider) or high off there face on weed brought from the local dealer prosumably named “dangerous dave” or some thing to that effect.

You then get Loughton, not that **** but its the town next to Debden, the kids here all have mopheds (witch is something you dont get in Debden as they cant afford it). You can mainly find them at sainsburys, the station or any where along the high road, you can normaly here them coming along. There is now a curfew set on the area and so the police potrol round Loughton after 9.00pm. The Loughton youths attended Roding Vally high school, this school is known by many around here because of the rediculasly short skirts worn by the girls and the BOYS all have high lights in there hair and go for the preppy look.

But then Buckhurst Hill goes for the rude boy/ gangsta look even though this is one of the richest areas around the youths still think they live in the ghetto. Its normaly quite hard to talk to these kids as you cant understand them because of the weed they are constantly smoking. You can find them at Waitrose, the park or anywhere in the forest, the station and the row of shops on Albert road. The kids of Buckhurst hill go to either west hatch or the privte school bancorfts.

All the little gangs of ***** fight each other and often train the mini ***** to fight other mini ***** from local areas.

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