oh dear Hemel Hempstead


Hemel Hempstead is not a **** hole itself , its mainly the people that have made it **** hole. You will find with the people here they are absolutely nuts, popping out babies at a young age, not knowing who the father is and smoking weed. You come here and the dimwits that are on Jeremy kyle are walking the streets, throwing rocks at cars and having postcode wars this is Hemel NOT London. Now I’ve been to jumping jacks once thank god, jumpin jacks the place is full of crack heads about 20 people in there, all of there face. The girls looking like men and the boys well looking like *****, i don’t know where these lot got there good looks from? maybe they’re related alot of incest going on here. Even the older residents here have no manners pissing in shops and quickly walking away or down the middle of the bus. And in the town you will find ***** outside mcdonalds “hangin wid da mandem” trying to steal some persons bike or a packet of crisp out of poundland. I’ve even seen a man sitting on the swing by himself touching his bits whilist little kids play.


By: louise

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