DevonSouth West

Dawlish used to be a sleepy little town, lots of ducks and fetes. Some arseholes obviously, every town has their fair (or unfair) share. Something terrible has happened … there has been a mass exodus from places such as Coventry and Newcastle. The pubs are full of chav, the ducks get kicked by chav and the fetes are littered with fake burberry.
‘Suped up’ s**t-mobiles race round and round the one way system, always going slightly too fast to get a good aim with my sawn-off! None of the little bastards have insurance either.
The wildlife have moved on – not able to live alongside the clanging of extra large gypsy fucker earrings and the ten inch thick ‘maens’ belchers.
These northern chav monkeys have even influenced the locals … there are ponchos everywhere and more and more residents are getting sky so they can use biduptv.

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