Written by Anonymous.

I have had the misfortune of living here for most of my life and I have to say i am so, so sick of living here and putting up with this situation and i wish i could leave.

What can you expect from Dartford?

1.If you are not a chav, some variation of chav or very neutral looking, you can expect to recieve at least verbal abuse when you come to Dartford.

2.If you go anywhere near the park or the skate park it is likely you will be hasselled and quite possibly set upon by a group of underage drunk chavs. Dried blood on the pavement in the park is not an uncommon site.

3.If you are savvy enough to deal with the abuse from chavs in Dartford by trying to talk to them or argue back, it is highly likely that one of their older chav friends (or parents) will appear and join in with the argument/fight.

Dartford was always a bit of a ghost town, but now many shop windows are borded, it is undesirable and sometimes unsafe to leave the house after 6pm, and it is likely that if you stay here for long enough  at some point, you will get kicked to the floor by a group of chavs. REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE.

The causes of this situation

1. Bad parenting.

With chavs having kids at such early ages, no-body ever grows up and learns that respect for other people is imporatant. chavs have chav parents, and neither of them respect eachother or anybody else.

2. Music

Music is great. it gives you strength when you need it and helps you through hard times.
with kids not having decent parent or father figures they turn to music.

The idea of being a gangster comes from music, and being a gangster means having respect only for violence and intimidation.

I truely hope that the police and the goverment deal with this soon, I dont want to see another motiveless chav murder on the news.

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