Darlo! (Darlington?)

Right this is comin from an ex charv bird! Darlo has gotta be sed to be fully of offit charvers…they range from about 10 to fully fledged grown men! and i love it! bein an ex charv bird meself i am now the proud owner of about 20 pairs of gold creoles of various sizes with various diamond coloured balls on me hoops! Its gotta be said many hang outs of the “crews” include…skerney,branksome,firth moor and lascelles park! in all these areas ur likely to get fireworks thrown at you! Stripey jumpers galore fill the cornmill come a saturday, they all hang over the bars near dixons sports and throw things at ppl! The best fashion statement among the lads ive noticed recently is these turtleneck things under their berghaus’s and the new rockys everyones kickin about in! get in! lasses i dunno whats goin on there same old same old! times havent changed since i was 15…off ya mooch come 7 o clock on a night wiv 20 layer on and ya faithful nike air maxes…i hear now them adidas goodyears are doin well among the crew!however the snide burberry caps are lookin more and more snidey as the days go on! and as berties in gettin bigger and bigger these days me fellow charvs have more and more henry lloyd and thomas burberry to choose from! So they’ll all have some nice nice stripey jumpers and rockies to wear for next weeks monkey….and not so long back i was boppin away wiv the town lads in routes drinkin the newky brown ale and havin buzzin old time. and who can forget humpreys sundays (pound a pint) the crew are always kickin it in there!……well ya cud say really im still a charv bird meself at heart! Go on ya’s are mint as owt!

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