Darlington – What the **** happened?

Darlington, Darlington, Darlington. What a ********, what happened? used 2 be a fairly nice place i grew up there and then about 1999/2000 the Charvas appeared (and yes it is charvas we invented the word non of this **** ****). Now i live in leeds at the moment and admit i have a few charv tendencies i.e. white lightning. (but that owes more to being a poor student  more than anything)trackies and a burberry cap but i dont class masel as one but anyway
  I don’t really have a problem with charvs a lot of them are alright but what i do ******* hate r “Plastic Charvas” which are curious to darlo. Real charvas which grew up in ***** areas many of which genuinely are hard can be twats at times at least they dont pretend to be anything other than what they r, these plastic charv ******** r a million times worse.
 These f**kers grew up in Blackwell & Mowden and until they turned 13 they owned little or now sportswear and didnt hav a hint of a darlo accent.
the best part is if these little shites ever did meet a real charv, theyd end up 6 foot under. Coz they r without exception soft as **** mummysboys, who probably couldnt even find skerne park

Good spots 2 hunt for these little gets are
Stanhope Park- White Star and Cheap very shoddy tack abound on a friday
Cornmill – In particular outside dixons gobbin of the balconys
Routes – carlsberg 1 bar a bottle on fridays hordes of pissed up 14 yr old Plaggy Charvs, oh what a joy
Hummersknott school – Hundreds upon Hundreds of these wannabe radgeys who learned charvness off the skernies who actually are charvers and r gud at it
Baydale Meadows – a haven for these litle *****, a playpark in the middle of a well nice new estate frequented by hordes of plaggy charvas passin a bottle of rag between 24 or drinking shitmix they stole from daddys booze cabinet while he were down the rugby club
The Denes – Owing to the easiness of buying bevvy round there but only when the real Charvers arent about,

The real Charvers are alrite in darlo they don’t really do anyone any harm in all my years i av never once seen a goth get dun in by one in Darlo, The squaddies that turf up on a weekend r a lot more dangerous
 The problem wi darlo aint the charvs its these tagalong wannabe middle class arseholes who shud b preparing for a career in insurance or somethin equally as mundane rather than tormentin the poor souls whu hav 2 share a town wiv em. But now we can breathe a sigh of relief coz the ***** population of darlo is skyrocketing ready to kick these little ******** back 2 their 4 bedroom semis, arseholes

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