Darlington (update)

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A short while ago i added Darlington as a **** town, and though this is true i mentioned that ***** like to **** themselve`s on the east coast main line. In the light of recent events of some school kids being ****** there, may i appologise to VOYAGER for any upset caused.

As the saying goes, the truth often does hurt!

Stupidity often carries a heavy price, often death. Although i do empathise for the friends of the kids who died messing about on railway lines and their family, i wonder who spared a thought for the driver of the train that hit them and how many times he has woken up in the night with that vision he had to endure?

Darlington is the birthplace of the railway

It shouldnt be the deathbed of our kids

in the words of my late grandad…

“bloody think on”

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