DurhamNorth East

Oh, how nice Darlington used to be. The Goths and Moshers used to have a quiet life. Now “Darlo” is probably one of the biggest s**t-holes in the North East. High Row, Greg’s, Queen’s Street and “The Graveyard” are a few of the C**v hotspots in the town centre, but to be honest, the buggers are everywhere. People who have taste in even the slightest of alternative clothing (ie, myself), can not walk though town without being spat at, beaten up, and ran after by the British Underclass. Probably the worst I’ve personally seen the c***s doing is humping up the entrance wall of the Forum, or ramming a friend of mine with their (no doubt stolen) bikes. Also – avoid the train station unless you really need to go there. You get chips thrown at you by the sock-tucked-in-trakies if you arn’t dressed like them. S**m bags.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2019