Darlington, full of old men who still think they’re 20 but are closer to 50

A small market dwelling to big to be a village to small for a town.

A dwelling full of old men who still think there 20 but are closer to 50.

Woman who think the men are tough and hard because they can shout and swear in drink.

Nice men who just go about there business woman who work hard and enjoy a nice meal and drink on a weekend.

Well this is Darlington through the day its a time warp to men who still sit in the same pubs they have done for 20 years. Woman who go shopping then meet the men in the same pubs for the last 20 years.

Then there is the night time when Darlington really comes to life.

Nights out in Darlington consist of 3 drinking routes

i.e – old mans, middle aged, young and out of town,

1 – Old men still drink in places like the George, Hogans, Boot & Shoe, Nags Head.

2 – Middle aged men do a small crawl through – The Green Dragon, Yates, Witherspoons, Turks Head, Dukes ( Formerly Berties, Muse, ).

3 – Young and from Out of Town do the main strip – Yates , Dukes, Dragon, Inventor ( now Barex) , Flares, Humpries, Berlins,

Only one group dont understand Darlington and thats the outsiders who dont realise every pub they go in the doorman are watching not worried about them but worried about locals trying to cause trouble.

Darlington is not a welcoming place for strangers having lived there now for 8 years im still classed as a outsider mainly because i have slapped most of the so called hardmen and groups that frequent the town over a week night and weekend.

If we got rid of half the drunks in Darlington the place would be like Yarm for a night out people just out to enjoy themselves. But what we have is groups of people TOWNIES, *****, ******, SQUADIES, to deal with.

This makes Darlington town centre on a weekend a battle zone.

There is a book at Catterick Garrisson telling the army boys which pubs not to go in and ones to stay clear of. I know because i have seen the book.

Now to add to the weekend mayhem we have **** in small cars driving around the one way system thinking there clever with load music and screaming from the cars you only expect one thing TROUBLE.

The place is now so bad on a weekend that its dying and the good people are now going to places away from the centre or having a get together at home.

The town could be lovely we just need to rid it of the ****.

The doorman are hated because we are all out of town people because you cant have **** working to stop **** in the pubs.

Last two years there as been a slow introduction of more drugs which brings more trouble.

Do yourself a favour and let us clean the place up bt while we do goto Yarm for a nightout or stay in with friends it will be safer.

As for all you **** that read this and know im talking about you were watching and waiting and your time will come

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