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I have recently paid visit to darlaston, where my ex-girlfriend used to live b4 she decided to move on with the family. A wise decision I shall have to admit, as my god, the amount of f*****g gold that is blinging around that place is unreal.

One place espically where chavs love to bling there s**t, is outside their local asda, which coincidentally is right in the centre of town. So if you ever fancy picking up a loaf of bread, pint of milk, or kicking the s**t out of a local chav, or chavette, asda’s the place.

Been the fact that darlaston is a relatively poor area, your chav hosts are found in all prime places to let you know that you are in their territory. Personally, I would like to see a sign saying you are entering chav territory, and a shop next to it saying hire a gun for £5, so you can shoot what eva blinging bastards about you whilst your there.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

  Written by Anonymous. Posted in West Midlands

Chavtown, ghost-town. Darlaston is both of these. Derelict factories and houses all over the place, surrounded by grimy council estates. Nearly all of the teenagers in Darlaston are chavs, riding round wasteland on BMX bikes and hanging round on street corners annoying local people.

Darlaston town centre, if it can be called that, is a chavvy area. Chavs and chavettes hang around a pedestrian square, sitting on the benches and drinking from bottles of booze. The town centre off licences have a huge crowd of chavs and chavettes queing up outside, buying booze from the easily led shopkeepers who believe fake I.D cards.

Moxley, an area in the west of Darlaston on the border with Bilston, is the chavviest part of Darlaston. The main road in Moxley is lined with derelict houses and shops and the few remaining shops are a hang-out for chavs who buy booze from the generous shopkeepers who will sell it to anyone of any age. One part of Moxley is a ghost town where a few chavs hang about, trashing old cars and ripping boards from over the windows of derelict houses on an estate where only about 10 people live now.

Rough Hay in the north part of Darlaston is really chavvy, with chavs hanging round all the time – riding bikes and playing football. Many windows on the estate get broken by chavs delibrately kicking balls. Some of the chavviest chavs and chavettes break into empty houses and spend hours in there smoking weed. Another chav activity in Rough Hay is to race stolen cars and leave them on the canal towpath where they will be burnt by the younger chavs.

Bentley in the north east corner of Darlaston is a chavvy council estate built in the 1950’s where chavs and chavettes spend their time bricking shop windows, kicking garage doors and trashing cars. The local off licence is a top hang out for underage chavvy drinkers.

Fiery Holes pub in Great Bridge Road is a chavvy pub where chavs and chavettes spend many a night getting drunk and then running wild around the streets of Darlaston. The pub landlord is really mean and won’t let chavs use the toilets unless they’re customers, the landlord paid for his meanness by having his car torched by a gang of chavs.

Most of the under 21 population in Darlaston are chavs and chavettes…. but those who aren’t chavs or chavettes can’t afford to be because they haven’t got enough money, Darlaston is one of the most deprived towns in England.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018