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I realise this is not the first entry of Croydon but I thought I would add my own contribution, since my views on this matter are very strong. I would advise anybody who considers themself a Christian not to enter Croydon – any views you might have of everybody being equal, and showing compassion to all your neighbours, will be obliterated by the briefest of experiences with some of the filth that inhabit Croydon. You will soon find yourself positively agreeing with Nietzsche’s contempt for the masses, yearning for enforced sterilisation of these p***y scumbags who breed like rabbits.
Anyone on this site will know the common and very irritating symptoms of chavness – wearing shitty tacky fake jewellery, hoodies and trainers, having a constant expression of aggression and pugnacity, being a base amoral twat who cannot see the consequences of actions, rather just look at immediate pleasures, so they enjoy smoking, drinking, fighting and f*****g.
I can’t really think of many specific places, because the chavs have so thoroughly taken over the whole area. In particular avoid Croydon College, West Croydon and anywhere the tram line goes to. Euphemistically one might call these the most “multi-cultural” areas; in reality, this means they are full of the scum of all races, ready to murder their own mother for a packet of fags.

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  Written by Anonymous. Posted in South London

Ok well what can i say about croydon that hasn’t already been said?

The inhabitants of this ‘Souf london’ town like to think they live ‘in the ghetto’, although for half of them the closest they’ve been to a gun is a spud gun, or a bb gun.

Areas like thornton heath aka ‘da heaf’ are full of baggy trousered, cap wearing tracksuit wearers (usually ecko or akademics for the hardcore rude boi) Their past times include riding around on the backseats of buses, or roaming the streets with their hoods up looking particularly menacing to passsers by.

Boi racers speeding through residential areas at 70mph, those that actually have cars that is probably bought it for 200 quid of someone who knows someone, or just outright stole it dont even start to ask whether they have licences my friend! The younger crowd however, stick to stupid mini motorbikes (they nicked of their little brothers) or the good old walking around with hoods up looking menacing is a popular alternative.

You’ve got your mid twenty unemployed chav men aswell, that’ll whistle at you as if its a reflex.

New Addington, Centre of the chav universe! fact. Up the hill you will find this area of closely knit estates each desperately claiming “its not that bad” like hell it isnt! everywhere you turn, if there isnt an abandoned car at the road side, theres a matress or a dicarded bath (no really) obstructing your path, 8 year olds in knee high boots and lipstick (girls that is), 14 year olds toting the chavs favourite brew, good ol’ stella (boys that is) and round every corner is the teenage mother of two yelling at her kids as she makes her way to B wise for cheap kids clothes becase she missed the woman that comes round with ‘next’ knock offs for cheap.

The adventurous chavs travel to bromley to visit primark and TKmaxx, or wimbledon on the tram, although few stray this far from the homeland.

Croydon even has its own hair style nicknamed by the local news paper as the ‘croydon facelift’, a ponytail so high and so tight that it actually distorts the wearers face (making it even more unbearable to look @, because face it, most chavs are ungodly ugly).

Other Chav Fashion in croydon consists of:
The well know fake burberry hats, scarves, and the occasionall coat,
Giant gold hoop earrings from half-price jewellers,
Even more giant clown/ragdoll/witch/dolphin pendants that cost half their parents savings to buy their precious little courtney-may or mercedes-jade.
Sovereign rings bigger than the hand of the beholder,
Bleach blonde hair with black roots, or the up and coming Brunette chav who was blond but dyed her hair dark brown to resemble “Stacy off eastenders innit”

Now dont get me wrong Croydon is not home to only chavs, we have our fair share of grungers, goths (who are regularly stoned by chavs, or regularly stone chavs, I forget), fashionabe topshop/topman good looking peopleand your regular non-catagorisable people. Howerver if they keep breeding, which im assured they will, we will be over run in the next decade.

Peace Out 🙂 jks

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018