croydon – a solution

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there isn’t a lot that can be written about croydon that hasn’t already. yes, the place is a cesspit and yes it is getting worse. come 3 o’clock on a weekday the place turns into a zoo, with every wanna be rude boy, chav, chavette and bhangra boy trying thier best to be as loud, obnoxious and aggravating as possible. but, far better than talk about them, lets think of a solution
1. de-rail the tram at gravel hill- lets face it, the inmates of alcatraz didn’t get a free ride to the mainland daily, so why, when we place our biggest concentration of in-breds and f**k-wits in one place, do we allow them a free ride back to civilization. if they had to walk the 3 mile from addington to gravel hill to pick the tram up, the majority wouldn’t bother and therefore, be forced to spend thier existance surrounded only by thier mutant friends.
2. give them another target- if the local wildlife are so intent on turning the area into a s******e, then lets point them towards an area where they’ll have a head start – thornton heath. put up all the rates on the chav oulets and fast food restaurants, and then offer them discounted rent in t’heath.
3. encourage the travelling “french market” to overtake surrey street on a regular basis- nothing will scare the chav’s more than popping down to the market and finding the usual assortment of stolen jewelrey, mobile phone covers, immitation burberry and “four stripe” adidas, has been replaced with a selection of cheeses (that aren’t in a tub), red wine (that isn’t fizzy), and condiments (that aren’t in a squeazy jar). after the initial racist abuse, the chav’s will become dis-orientated and nervous. panic will spread and they’ll dissapear with haste back to thier boltholes.
just a few ideas, but i think the effect would be dramatic.

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