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some nice areas, green trees etc. unfortunately ruined by huge, ugly low rise flats where the **** of the earth are moved in (and out) on a regular basis, but not before they have brought merry hell upon suffering residents. also home to the infamous “crokky estates” – god help you if you wander into one of those things.

well, what can i say? whether its the local ASBO child psychopath who is so crazy he once pulled a knife on a group of men because they wouldnt buy him a beer from the pub, or the reprobate **** from nearby estates who are all talk and no trousers, youre guaranteed action and excitement once the dark nights roll in.

Unlike other areas of Liverpool, like old swan and wavertree (where the **** is ever-present, but confident enough that they do their dirty work in broad daylight), the ****, mutant offspring of drunken, useless parents round here are total cowards. so much so that they go for black ops drivebys on push bikes – even when fronted by a single male in the middle of the road, when they are numerous and on bikes – they will never come at you.

one time i rounded the corner of my street(!) in broad daylight, only to find a bottle shattering at my heels. i stold them where to go, and wouldnt you know it? they acted like *i* was in the wrong. a chorus of lets kick his head in followed, and there must have been 10 of them – but would they actually go one step further and have a go? of course not.

the sewer rats here go in for breaking windows in a big way – homeowners, rented, young / old / crippled – they don’t care. slingshots, catapults, air pistols – we’ve had the lot.

the police don’t care – one time at 4 in the morning i was woken by 3 police vans over the road. i thought good for them, they finally nabbed the **** giving the woman over the road a hard time.

no such luck, it turns out little jimmy had phoned the cops and told them she was holding one of their friends hostage!

we currently exist in a street where, for no reason whatsoever, the **** have decided that they will throw rocks at my window and some of the neighbours, too. we had something hit every single night for nearly 3 weeks. they stopped for 7 days, but sure enough, they must have had a whip round today because i just spent the last 40 minutes removing an egg from the window.

we have plenty of people who live round here you would call “*****” – but typically, you never ever get any trouble from the adults or even older teens. its always the mutant offspring at around the twelve to fourteen age. but of course we all know who the police will side with should (miracle of miracles) you ever grabbed one in the act. yet i’ve walked down the street and have had to play a game of chicken with a lunatic riding a motorbike on the pavement.

i’ve lived all over liverpool in my time – some bad places, some good places. but i have yet to see such single minded maliciousness and vindictiveness as i have seen here in croxteth. in fact, im amazed it hasn’t put in a prior appearance on this site already. croxteth seems to be one of the places in liverpool used as a dumping ground for problem families moved in from other areas – dovecot and speke, come on in!

theres a bunch of new houses just been built round the corner – theyre just going up for sale, and already most of them (say, 12 out of 15) have both of their upper windows smashed in. city of culture? maybe the first mile or so of the city centre, but anything outside that and its more akin to mad max and the thunderdome.

the one thing i look forward to is when i have left this awful area behind for good – the skanks that prowl its streets after dark are welcome to it.

oh, and check out those low rise flats if you ever get a chance. especially if you repair windows. you will never be out of a job. its just a shame the council don’t decide to swop the glass for iron bars.

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