Crime Statistics for Shoreditch, City of London, Islington, May 2020

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Crime Statistics for Shoreditch, City of London, Islington

The aim of this article is to provide a brief overview of street level crime in Shoreditch using the latest Police statistics. Police data is usually published two months in arrears, so May 2020 are the latest figures. The data published by the Police are incidents that were reported to them in that month, not the crimes that were prosecuted and/or had further action taken. In by far the majority of incidents, no further action is taken.

There were a total of 1407 street level crime incidents in Shoreditch in May 2020. The largest category was Anti Social Behaviour, followed by Violent Crime. Below are these incidents broken down by category.

Crime CategoryIncidents
Anti Social Behaviour646
Violent Crime194
Public Order70
Other Theft64
Criminal Damage Arson49
Vehicle Crime47
Bicycle Theft40
Theft From The Person40
Other Crime9
Possession Of Weapons4
All Crime1407

Map of street level crime incidents in May 2020

Police data is divided in Policing Neighbourhoods. We have taken the 'best fit' neighbourhood that includes Shoreditch. This map shows if incidents are evenly distributed over the district or if there are hot spots in certain streets or areas.

Where Police data is not specific to an address for privacy reasons, most roads are represented by 1 to 2 markers or clusters. However, this should be enough to ascertain if the road you live in or are thinking of moving to, is a crime hot spot. The only exception could be where there is a large cluster of a single crime category on a street, as this could but not necessarily be related to multiple incidents at one address.

Crime incidents in neighbouring areas to Shoreditch

We've taken the ten nearest places to Shoreditch and ranked them by the number of crime incidents in each. This should allow you to see if Shoreditch has more crime than other surrounding areas.

LocationCrime Incidents
Bethnal Green (1.24 miles)2294
Bloomsbury (1.24 miles)2148
Haggerston (0.88 miles)2026
St Pancras (1.24 miles)1915
Canonbury (1.24 miles)1880
Finsbury (0.62 miles)1748
Spitalfields (0.88 miles)1562
London (0.88 miles)1467
St Luke’s1407

of City of London residents were born outside of the UK, according to the 2011 Census

Most violent places near Shoreditch

The category of crime that most concerns people is violent crime. We have taken the ten nearest place to Shoreditch and ranked them according to the number of violent incidents in the 'best fit' Policing neighbourhood.

LocationViolent Incidents
Bethnal Green298
St Pancras234
St Luke’s194

Last updated: July 7, 2020
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