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Crewkerne is a lovely market town, with lovely golden sandstone buildings, set in a beautiful rural location with views to die for, until your eyes land upon the blot on the landscape that is Severalls!!!
This is were all the c***s live. They all live in their nice brick boxes, with their laminate flooring and widescreen TV’s. Some of them have been watching groundforce and have removed the patch of dandylions that was their front garden, and replaced it with gravel.
The c***s from Severalls have lived in Crewkerne all their lives. They went to school at Wadham and left and got themselves a nice house from the council just down the road from the rest of their family. They dream of better things, but never do anything about it. They don’t like Crewkerne, because they say it’s boring, especially since they shut Maddys down due to the chavscum pissing and pucking outside. The owner was a nice guy who tried to please the wrinklies who rule this town, but the c***s just spoilt it for themselves. The c***s like to hang out in South Street car park with their piddly little radios on full blast, thinking they are really cool. Why don’t they try buying decent banging equipment? They havn’t got a clue because they have never been anywhere else but Crewkerne, and noone in Crewkerne has a decent banging stereo! Sometimes a c**v escapes from Severalls and moves to another part of Crewkerne and pretends not to be a c**v anymore, but you can take the girl out of the chavdom but you can never take the c**v out of the girl. They still have the foul mouth, the wild children. They shop at Next and they drive a Mercedes because they are desperate to escape the C**v image (Next and Mercedes are soooo C**v!!), but we all knew they once had a white convertable XR3i!!

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