Crewe has it improved

CheshireNorth West

I had a night out in Crewe six years ago and went to a nightclub, can’t remember the name but it wasn’t far from the station and you had to go downstairs to get in.

What a complete s******e, when I was leaving one of the bouncers grabbed me, no idea what for and never did find out. He was little more than a boy really but that can be dangerous.

I put him in a position of safety, Hand around throat,up against wall, feet off the ground while I explained to the other bouncers that if they didn’t take care of their gobby mate he would get them all in trouble.

Believe me, I have only been involved in two fights in my life, both where I have been subject to unprovoked attacks, I don’t consider this to have been a fight but it could have become unpleasant if the other bouncers piled in.

Has this town changed for the better?

I doubt it.

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