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Crawley in West Sussex is a total and utter toilet, from the ghetto`s of bewbush and broadfield to the chav magnet of the leasure park. If you are white, own a house and have a job you are certainly in the minority. Walk around the town centre and take a look at the abundance of little slags with their double buggies, elizabeth duke pykey gold,fake designer clothes and the obligatory wanna be gangster boyfriend with his chaved up nova/corsa/pug 106.I really cant think of a more depressing place, it truely is that bad.

  • Jackie goddard

    what do girls in crawlye wear at night

  • Jackie goddard


  • Jackie goddard

    I’m moving to crawley next month xxxxxxx ive always loved geyser guys xxx

  • Stuart Golding

    I agree, Crawley is a total shi*hole, although if you want to feel good about yourself, then just hang about the pound land for 20 mins, it’s the epicentre of chav world

  • big k

    Well I dont agree with Crawly being a sh*t town. I have lived in many places including Crawley and London and have to say Crawley has lots of amenities, good transport links and affordable housing. Ok some parts are better than others but thats common in any town or city in the country. As for the town being full of chavs that is largely due to lack of opportunity in this country ie the rich get richer and the poor poorer. How many working class families can send their kids to uni?? I was of the generation who only went to uni becasue of govenment grants for low income families. I doubt I will be able to afford to send my kids to uni..god help them!!.The gap between rich and poor is widening on a daily basis especially during these hard economic times (tories and labour are both responsible!!). Coming from south london i feel safe here and am not worried about trouble. Lets face it most towns have trouble in the high street at weekends..dont they?? and most towns have estates too. I will say this though the town could do with a face lift..the architecture here is appaulling but thats the fault of town planners who in their attempt to build cheap/affordable housing have built purely functional buildings that are far from pleasing to the eye.. To their credit crawley has alot of green spaces for kids such as tilgate and memorial gardens. Crawley also has a sound manufacturing base due to the airport and as mentioned previously good transport links (road and rail). the Schools are not the best again due to lack of funding and over sized class rooms..respect to all teachers who in my opinion do a fine job with limited resources.

  • gary oldman

    If your mother could hear you know! You were raised by one of those ladies in double buggies. Cheek!