Crawley – visited a couple of times with a friend, and never want to return!

South EastWest Sussex

I have only visited Crawley a few times and each time i go there my faith in the people of England is lost once more. Crawley is truly a s******e. One of the places i have been more than once is the county mall shopping centre. This is essentially no differen to you average chavtown’s shopping centre. It has all the gold plated hoops and burberry caps that one could ever wish to see. But what makes these people SuperChavs?? Firstly, their complete disregard for anyone who shows some signs of education, or even law-abiding. I once was pushed in front of in the queue in Miss Selfridge (Don’t ask!!!) and kindly tapped the offender on the shoulder and said ‘Excuse me, incase you didn’t know, there is a queue and some of us have been waiting our turn for a while now, so if you wouldn’t mind could you join the back of it?’
Foolish was i to believe that kindness could take any effect on this excuse of a human being. She turned around, and obviusly believeing that this put-down she was about to deliver was one of excellence and said
“Ere, F**k off, where d’you come from anyway, f*****g Eton?” Her and her scally mates all seemed to find some hilarity in the situation. I at this point really lost it and said back,
“No, but i am from somewhere far enough away not to contaminated by the likes of you, so if you don’t please can YOU F**K OFF to the back where you belong!”
That shut her up.

Such anecdotes are too plentiful to even mention which gives you some idea of the chavettes among the masses of crawley. But what of the male variety?
When i stay with my friend who lives near this place, we have to get the train from Brighton to Three Bridges, a short but sometimes unbearable journey. Often while waiting for our lift home we are assailed by drunken lads, (On a Friday night particularly) who make explicit sexual gestures at us (which would be quite flattering, if they’re werent so bloody chavvy!!). The town itself is grey and architechtually insipid, with no outstanding or redeeming features. Perhaps this is a reflection of those who live there??

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