Crawley – 18 years

South EastWest Sussex

Well, ive lived there for 18 years and i must say that to run about there with a chainsaw and a tommy gun would be the best fun ever, the natives (those from broardfeild and bewbush and so on) are there most ville and primitive things EVER!! all you see is a waist of a human life and it makes you feel so ashamed to be human when you know that theres loads more, i HATE THEM!!! always smoking and thinking there hard ****’s, one of them tried to mug me when i was walking home after work once, he was like, “gimme ya doe ya now!” and i just stood there and asked what the **** he just said, “ah got a knife man!!” he said so i kicked the ****** right in the balls and watched him crawl in pain, he tried to get up and… i think he was gona try and ‘hurt’ me, he taped my arm a bit so a opened a can of whop *** on him and **** the ***** out of the spatic and trew him in a bush, didnt **** him to bad though, he was still alive, turnd out he did have a knive but one not worthy of picking ya nose with, piece of ****.
another time these **** girl things tried to nick my wallet, one was tring to chat me up wile the other looked at me trying to find my wallet, i waited for it to try and grab it and i grabbed its arm and sqeezed it damn hard, both started screaming **** and stuff, this dog walker came over to try and help, told him what happend and he was just like “damn *****, probly pregnant!” wile they were still there, neway, the world would be a cleaner place without them **** skum, i wont mind butchuring them all >:-D im sure no-one would mind. crawley is a nice place when you imagine all the people there are all cattle as they do seem to just graze about, and then stop still infront of you, its so damn temptig to just barge past them but i dont, good shops, ship people, chainsaw massacure is well deserved!!

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