***** hole of the West Midlands, you would have thought that the airport could at least take the burberry clad idiots and their kids n dads ( all 3 of them , but they’re still not sure who fathered which of the 3 little ankle biters) out of the city and drop em off en-route to europe someway over the channel, no, no such luck. So wr’re stuck with the ********, every single chavving one of them. This is a city built on dole money, thieves, car twockkers, muggers, smack rat junkies and every other kind of seminal piece of **** that it would be an affron to tip down the sewer, coz even **** aint THAT bad.

Take a look at the city centre on any given day and see the **** mums with the kids in the prams, 3 a breast on the pavement, expecting you to move into the road and get run over, coz little adams life (who will grow up into a right thug) is more important than yours. Like F*CK!

The pubs are awash with them on a friday and saturday night, and come closing time, steer well clear of a 2 mile radius of the city centre, it gets gridlocked with all the taxis trying to gupta a fare out of the ****** brigade that need to get home, so hubby can go out burgling soem rich sucker’s home on the kenilworth road or whobberly area. Bless them all!

How grim is your Postcode?

I pray for the day an airliner does a PAN AM 103 and strafes the city centre on giro day, killing the ******* in an avgas burning flame of hell filled frenzy, and showing that in desperate times, even god gets pissed off with the nike trainers and burberry hats. They’re everywhere you look, worst of all, the Pakistanis have caught on and so have the eastern european contingent in Hillfields, so god help us all in ****** Cov, coz we’re all doomed by the rat-breeding, ******, foul smelling trash that live here. Every time I see a drug dealers been nailed in the paper or an overdose, I laugh and do a jig.

At least they won’t be reading this, coz they cant work out how to plug in that stolen PC they got from next door, and even if they do, I get the leccy meters run out… And remember in Coventry, ***** rule Ok !

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