Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in London, West London

I am old and ready to die, i read with some alarm the comments made here about our green and pleasant land, living in covent garden for a very long time i can rant with authority, be careful the drugs, prostitutes [ from parker street ]…gangs, violent drunks, culture clashes , lack of police resources, thieves , and those out for “a night up west” have made the place a venal skank pit, worthy of a sheet of continuous napalm.

Need a piss or a turnout go to parker street, just defecate at will outside secrets or parkers, every one else does, buy fake drugs from any of the pirate cab drivers, or take a “trike” with blaring eastern european pop music from the 90’s, the trike drivers will ask you for a hundred sobs for the shortest of journeys, when you say no they will say just “making the joke my friend only £50 to you and i forget the V.A.T.”

Roaming gangs of shaved apes go on way into the night looking for any one or anything to smash up the need to prove themselves is overwhelming, so come on up, get you mobile nicked, your car robbed, your face slashed, your girl raped, in the last 12 months we have had the lot, including a jumper who committed suicide about 8am after a fair size crowd had gathered.

Official stats say the ward of convent garden and holborn has more licensed premises per sq metre than any were else in the U.K. and the highest crime rate in the borough of camden [ that includes camden high street which is no day at the beach itself] what was an area for artists , artisans , writers , musicians, thinkers etc, has become the go to place for the scum feeders dredging the bottom of the sewer sucking down the human waste into their filthy bile infested corpus, gargling the lot with a cheap larger and a kebab from a place with a rat problem to rival any dock in the world.

So well down camden council, you took some thing good and turned it into just another play ground for the dumb and dirty,,,,,,thank god ill be taking a dirt nap soon enuf,,,its all yours suckers…..

  • LondonLuke

    You seem to know an awful lot about the local prostitute pick-up areas. Just saying.

  • Anon

    If you dont like Holborn move to Bradford. Then you’ll realise the difference between living in hell and paradise. Im in a position to comment as i have lived in both places for a significant amount of time. Be grateful where you are. The scum of England has got to be Bradford. Despite some of its problems I would do anything to live in covent garden. infact do you want to house swap.???