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Covent Garden – Once a glorious place, free artistry and good food and bright lights.,.now full of scum thongs and barfights 🙁

Ok I know what your thinking, Covent Garden is not a town, but its getting more Chav infested by the day and I am here to tell you more about it and share my pain with my fellow Chav scum haters.

I work in Covent Garden in an office there, I gaze from my window and see the sights, the wonderfull history reeming from the garden itself. But its all just calm before the storm.

Since chav’s realised that if you stay on one of those trains they surf upon for long enough you will eventually hit london’s bright lights and bushy tails.

I walk out at lunch around 2pm most days and look around and am bemused at why there are groups of chavs throwing food, stealing from the market & worst of all trying mess up Street entertainers acts by doing all manner of things such as throwing things at them or pushing them off unicycles whilst cackling and laughing thier way through the garden.

Dont these scum sucking part mammals realise that these people are trying to entertain people …FOR FREE… they dont need hassle like that, oh well it obvious that free artistry means nothing to the Chavscum population.

gone are the days when i could sit on the balcony of the punch and judy pub at lunch in the sunshine of June watching the well dressed sexy office girls stroll around or sit there watching the shows enjoying the ambiance of the entire event.

NO SADLY NOW ! i have to watch fat disgusting charver scum sit there on the punch and judy steps with there thongs hanging out like cheep trash bag hookers chomping on some random Baked patatoe cos they could not find Mcdonalds… and watching them eat makes me sick alone.

then to top of the wonerfull event they never even try to find a bin they just chuck what ever it is to thier side and walk off back to the station to go to thier chav hives (estate) and multiply some more.

I swear to god they must be like gremlins or somethng.

anyways… forget come friendly bombs and fall on slough..

more like come nuclear bombs and fall on london for today and tommorow we shall not be saved 🙁

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