South East

Cosham is one of the main breeding and social gathering spots for which the majority of ***** hang out. It mainly consists of well known pathetic **** groups such as the “Bucket Crew” etc… The highstreet is a well known socail gathering spots for ***** of all ages where the local law enforcemet come and escort them off the area and back into quarintine, only to be released a day later with stolen police pens and various other things….
The local Tesco is also one of the many places subjected to **** harrasment and gangster rule. Local ***** are often caught stealing milkshakes and nappies and other irrelivent items which they wont use. The other experienced ***** which have a broader durisdiction feel the need to scan all the shops for easy pickings, eg; lone sandwhiches, an empty *** pack and so on….
Without the ***** of cosham, the colourful residents of paulsgrove and wymering would be left alone to wage war against each other with makeshift potatoe canons, slingshots and air rifles.
Irrispective of the wishes of the law, both ***** and locals can work in harmony to create utter chaos among the hardworking members of society. However, they can also **** each other and still achieve the same result!
If you venture on down south towards highbury area, things get a bit better but sort of fuzzle out near the newsagents but then get improve near highbury college.
North of the highstreet sees a very different cosham altogether. It becomes very posh and uptogether which means that its mainly populated by old people weilding wooden sticks in self defence! Which is ok because there is a hospital just up the road from there!

And that concludes our tour of cosham and its extended residence of mad locals, ***** and last but no means least, old people.

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