Coseley **** Central (wolverhampton)

West MidlandsWest Midlands

Well this is defanately chavvie central. First you got coseley school which is renown to be a hard school, with its **** population with little grebo activity only a few which get battard for it. The ***** manily wear desinger gear and TN caps witch no one brings to school any more because of the Quasimodo like head teacher has a thing for robbing them off the *****.

Then at dinner times there all in Roseville getting there chips from Scoffs defanatily the **** chippy with the people serving got big tractor weels on there ears and normally the girls are very sexy that sevre you or JJ’s (anover chippy) , in Mc Donnalds getting a doubble cheese burgers and getting chucked out, nicking from Spar, getting pineapple rock from Battes’s paper shop, getting pizza bread from Firkins or getting cans of pop for 40p (cheaper the better for the *****).

The older ***** or the ones chucked out of school , (in one instance six people got suspended for doing drugs in school , one teacher suspended from teaching for rolling them a splif and had only been there a week, one expelled for delling at break time and eight others not caught) are out and about doing earners robbing bikes , cars and some actually at work *rare* to get there money for weed, coke and ectacy. The ones that are actually supost to be working are normally in the pub, the white lion , chain yards, painters arms, or normally the royal & the red cow (the **** pubs of coseley).

Before i start on Coseley’s night life shall we say watch out in bertween around the 20th october and january the 10th for fireworks prepelled at random people ,and when ever it snows keeps your eyes open.

Well wear do i start with the night life totally ******** with ***** from all over the place the scruffy tiptoners and the ***** from segley and woodcross. We will start at macey d’s as the ***** call it wear neally every nite they have been thrown out for messing around for mooning up the windows being ,stoned ,abusive and drunk. On the car park theres the **** elders with there neon lights and body kits on the cars with there ‘*******’ in the back ,drug delling in the front.

Then we move to coseley fish bar with the sexiest person behind the counter.

Then its Roseville with its ‘bad man chavvies’ the ones that roam the streets or blast music from there stolen cars and getting police chases from the ‘gavvers’. On a friday nite the royal is full of ***** that are going to the red lion to get ‘pivved’ up and rave on to the ‘mega bad speed garage tunes’, and the littler ***** are in Scoffs again or robbing out Spar.

Then we move to the Clayton park with all the yonger ***** and then the older ones when there all stoned out there faces saying stuff like ‘doordi man, car see staight mush’, or shouting ‘were ya gewin man i car be arsed to move from eya’.

Then the swimming baths were all the stoners are smoking weed down the little cover over or bicking the windows.

Then you’ve got the youthie that is cralling with the ***** young and old were the bushes are ******** with hidding ***** and in the summer have a joint on the benches bellowing ‘mush im stoned out my face’. The littler ***** in the youthie causing mayhem jumping up the celing kickingthe balls at the windows.

The bronx flats is our next stop and hoping not to stay there long ,were the ***** smoke weed drink ‘pivve’ manily lambrini and cheap vodka the best and options in a **** girls mind. The ***** also smash every one of the windows and brake the hinges off the doors , there is normally always police around there.

Jubaliee park another dossing ground for the ***** setting fire the every wear to keep them walm and the older ***** that nick cars are normally smoking weed in the cars and then when there finished they let the little ***** set fire to them.

Teddie bear park also another dossing area but the posh people that live round there tell the to **** off.

The church next were the normal ***** disrspecting other peoples propperty spitting swearing and guess what smoking weed , as you can tell there are lots of drugs in this area of the country.

Proberly the last place is the Bramford a mix of council houses and new houses. The council houses are the best at christmass, because who needs blackpool when you’ve got the bramford i meen the people, are on the dole and they can aford about £3,000 woth of christmass lights i think not sum how.

As you can see Coseley is a doss hole fillied with lots of drugs, car theifs and vandles so if you dare vist good luck ,on you vist just remember lock your car and don’t park in dark places. Ors you wont have a car to go back to.

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