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Known the the Local Cackers as ‘Corfe’ in that cool guy gangsta abbriviation. Chillin in their masses round the coop or wherever there is a rumored fight taking place. you cant walk down the street without hearing the high pitched whirring of a ped, the chosen mode of transport for them, everytime you hear it you know its a drop out. Or hear the cry of “Go on Jezza, smack him.” They all have their sweet gear on, they all seem to be named Jez, with nicknames such as Bagsey, Drive By and Flicknife. The Younger ones swamp unsuspecting victims, hounding them to buy them Booze and Fags because they are too young to buy anything and barred from all the shops. “Go on, buy us some fags mush.” All in all a crap hole, whith a strange smell eminating around the town.

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