Corby the place to be for *****

East MidlandsNorthamptonshire
My town is full of *****.They just sit outside the shops and beg you to give them money for frosty jacks outherwise they will take your phone or even possibly stab you.They sit at parks and take over the swings and roundabouts.Just leave there empty WKD bottles on the floor smashed for someone to hurt them selfs.They smash your car windows and slahs your tyres for the fun of it.Write all over the walls.If you intended to be in corby at about 7:30 in the morning up town think again  you’d mostly see young parents with pushchairs and a *** ******* out of their mouth.And they beg you for some money for the **** .There rude and nasty,if you walked past they’d shout you looking at me want ‘ill stab you up init?”…Its bloody stupid the way Corby is turning it used to be such a nice town.It has been wrecked but does have some really nice bits like the cube and the clubs .but people sit on people walls drinking and shouting,throw eggs and windows and give abuse.They take everything that isnt theirs and if you stop them,they will stab you or pull a gun out.They think there gansters and rule the world.

The place would be so much better if ***** got washed out and the polish went back.Its horrible.

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Top 50 worst places to live in England 2021

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