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If it isn’t an evil, ugly looking **** with red hair and a celtic top wearing their bling bling and denting your poor “grunger” face with their “bad *** blinging rings innit” it’s a broken bottle in the face. perhaps if you’re lucky, it’ll be a quick stabbing with a flash knife in the gut with the content “death to dirt grungers” scrawled across the blade, well at leat it isn’t going to damage our pretty faces.

Corby- a ****’s palace, the greatest shops known to man kind: Poundland, argos, fish and chip shops and don’t forget the kebabs. Shops fit for a King.

If the chavvies aren’t making our (alternatives) lives hell, they’re taunting the OAP’s that pass by.

It’s odd how scary a ginger headed/freckled 10 year old with a ciggie ******* out his mouth can truly be. However the scariest part of all is how many pregnant 14 year olds patrol the town centre with their handsome bumps produding from their little crop tops. Ah yes, Corby, I have to say I am proud that we as a community have produced one thing, the aid in making

Northamptonshire have the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe. Outstanding, now that takes a lot of hard work, *** and shagging.

What can be better than having a filthy town centre full of tat shops, the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe, the worst areas to live in the County, numerous amounts of stabbing, numourous amounts of attacks forced upon us “alternatives” and a general **** hole??
The chavvies/etes that fill it. I bid you goodnight. 😉

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