Connah’s Quay – scouse/welsh **** hybrids are VERY scary

North West

A barren wasteland of old dockyards with 80% unemployment and a population of polyester clad no-mark scouse/welsh accented violent misfit ********.

Imagine a duel carriageway with houses on one side and taxi ranks, kebab shops, pubs and a MASSIVE police station on the other! No work to be had and a foot deep **** of kestral super strength and special brew cans burying the ‘spoggy’ and *** butt covered pavements! I only went once – spent most of that time trying in vain to get my mate to hospital first via the police – too busy – no way, then the taxi rank – not a chance dont let him get blood on the floor- then I had to phone his dad (3rd phonebox lucky) who had to drive us miles to get there at 1 in the morning. All we did was go in a pub and talk with a lancashire accent! The rest of the night was like the umbrella corporation was doing experiments there! Horrible – nuke it!

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