South London

What more can you say, than ‘Collierswood’!

This up and coming **** town boast normal amenities for the lovely baseball capped pre pubic darlings.

You have a variety of ‘Off Licences’ all which will happily sell ‘white lightning’ in bulk to anyone under 18.

A pram and buggy shop, which stocks ever shade of burberry you can imagine, and last but not least you have the ‘tesco’ petrol station. The perfect place for all who are unemployed to hang out and chat about how wasted they got the night before, or how “Mercedes, had the decorators in, so she let me rip her one up the …….”

I think you will agree, this could be a new breeding ground them! Especially now that they have worked out how to use the London Underground.

I think its best to move to areas where there is less transport for them, possibly outside the Underground system!!!

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