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The Apocalyptic End… and it doesn’t stop here!
Colchester, the unlikely centre of Chavsville! With a dilapidated bus station best serve their loitering habit and numerous off licenses and Wheatherspoon Bars they have been served a mighty Capitol in which to stretch their ever-expanding hive of Burberry. I argue that an Essex accent is a potent weapon especially when peppered with the liberal use of the ‘C’ word – an abhorrent prostitution of our fair language. Random, sporadic violence and record numbers of ‘ASBO’ (Anti-Social Behavior Disorder) are now the norm in this once great town. They laugh at the initiated, nay they cackle. Indeed to the untrained ear they seem to choke. Only this week a 14 year old boy/chimp in cap and polo shirt (do I need to tell you the collar was raised?) has been handed an ASBO and expelled from school for violence and disruption – there is no hope for him save a tidy jail cell!

Colchester is now overrun with the benefit-grabbing filth that are the Chav class. My usual tolerance of the under classes has abandoned me. Had the problem been contained in Colchester’s borders then I could rightly call myself, and other Tax paying subjects, a hero in a futile attempt to spare the nation from the cancer that is the Chav! Not so…

It appears they have established clans in all corners of our once fair Island. Now is the time to rise against the puerile monkeys, absent of brain! They have slowly indoctrinated themselves into our culture and are now so rife our very way of life is approaching its impending collapse!

I propose revolutionary change – indeed a political force with a manifesto designed to rid ourselves of this curse! Who’s with me?

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Where do I begin? Colchester is a wonderful town, rich in history and culture. But come 10pm on a Friday night……Lordy lord, run and hide!!!

Colchester is FULL of Chavs, as they all nest up on White City/Greenstead Estate. Young mums, druggies, alcoholics etc etc. You wouldn’t catch me up there on a dark night!

The Chavs crawl out after dark in their maxxed-up cars, driving round and round the one way system, racing down the High Street with stereos turned up to broken eardrum level.

They seem to congregate in the Hippodrome, well, most of the under-age one’s do. The rest hang out around Macdonalds in the High Street wearing their Burberry and looking at the maxxypants motors coming down the road.

Colchester is also a Garrison town so there are always fights between squaddies and Chav’s. Nice.

Also, there are a few nightclubs down by the Bus Station, where you could pick up a local skanker for a quickie behind the taxi rank in the Bus Station. Afterwards you could stroll down to the kebab shops and get in a fight in there and end up puking all over the pavement. Well wicked!!!

I was born and raised in Colchester and seen how the Chav’s have taken it over and claimed it as their own. I can’t express in words how Chavvy Colchester truly is. Seeing is believing….

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