well in cockfield there are numerous charv hang out’s which include outside the coop the recreation ground and bus shelter’s. The theory of charv’s being near the coop is that it offer’s light from the refigerator’s this light gives them a sort of security as they are very primitive creatures that are scared of the unknow, well let’s admit ignorance is bliss!

so any way the charvs in cockfield are not to bad they are sort of like indians? there are other tribes that join to the cockfield team of charvs they been evenwood and west auckland, when these three tribes combine they are a mass of desturbing ****! i hate to admit it but even my friends are been warped to become charvs! it pitties me to say it but they are although they still treat me with the respect i deserve they have become………..well primitive! there is but 3 of us moshes left in the village we need to clean up with village before it is to late!

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