clacton – on- sea, **** central

East Anglia

Claton or more normally called crapton as the local ***** say is a seaside town filled with nothing. With there being 200chavs to every normal human being ur swamped with idiotic teenagers waiting to get “boned”. There are 2 schools in the area both with a bad reputation of ***** taking over, swearing at the teachers, hitting them, kids getting pregnant in the toilets, it never looks good.

The ***** usually hang out in the town centre or as they call it “the square”. Nearly all of them are smoking something or other at any specific time and are allways in groups of at least 5 people. Now im 15yrs old and dont class myself as a **** but do assosiate with a few maybe from time to time and there firday night consists of
a) gettin drunk and making a fool of themselfs down the seafront because most of them look only about 13 and cant get into any of clactons ‘ohhh so very popular’ bars or clubs. and getting drink by bribeing some old man to go into the local drinks cabin or mini mart and if he does then he’ll get a free shag with there 15yr old mate.
b) having a stoner party where all the ‘hard crew’ come rolling around in there mopeds/scooters that jealous ***** call hairdryers and take there girlfriends with names like ‘Shaza’ ‘Shelly’ and ‘jazzi’ and there 3 kids on the back of there hairdryers. Then they go back to one of the other ***** flat and get stoned and pi***d all night then go sh** there girlf in the next room on there mum and dads bed.

Next to clacton is trap central Jaywick. Its full of old renovated sheds that can only fit 2 people in and are made from wood. Lots of ***** are from here and scan the area wearing all there fake gold they piked up from the local **** shop or found on jaywick beach amongst the needles or broken glass from the night before. Theres also jaywick market which all the ***** go to 2 pick up all there fake desgner gear that falls apart a second after youve bought it and so they can get all there ****** gear to get the boys to like em when the cruise the town in the ex boyfriend/father of there babys car the next night.

So to sum it up thats Clacton for you. No country side,no trees, no animals beacuse they have all died off from the fumes of the boi racers around town and the local pi** heads thats stumble home after a late night pi**ing at every tree because they had to many bevys. So unless u want to be mobbed by *****,shamefull, bigbrotherfans with no life, stay away from clacton-on sea!!!!!!!

thanks for reading

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