South West

Right, ****’s are everywhere! don’t you agree. After investigation it seems that they dwell at two extremes of the spectrum. They are/were products of rich parents spoiling, or fresh out of the communal breeding grounds known as the council estates. In this case Somerford council estate is the main concern.
If they are a product of the latter then the only pheasable claus is to follow the trend of their multiple older brothers and sisters and engage in the nocturnal activities. Which may i add include learning how to walk with your hands drooped and shoulders forward. Which could only be taught by those wise in this ancient art. Then comes the slow integration into the trackies, firstly worn baggy as a sign of rebellion and then snapped up into the slightly grey socks, following down into cheap nasty white trainers. I say slightly grey socks as white is more expensive and non-affordable in these establishments. then follows either polo shirts with collars up or hooded tops with either blue or white patterning or wording. And now thewy have decided to wear they ******* rediculous caps that neither protect them from falling objects above or look good as they are so far up over their brow that their hair is sticking out. What really makes me laugh is that they even gel their fringes so you can see their hair underneith. POINT?
Have you ever watch a **** wlak, seriously, it’s quite intriguing, do it next time you have a moment. They, when alone have head and eyes down, walking at a more than human pace and look rather unnoticable. But the real fun starts when they are all together. You have the leader at the front, closely proceeded by his/her second in command. then the minions follow. usually this order is determined by how old they are, the person in best supply of drugs, or the one with the hardest brother/dad. they all walk on tip toes to make themselves look bigger, chests out, shoulders going. Last time i saw it i was pissing myself with laughter.
In Christchurch you will find them in a multitude of places, behind the once reputed TWYNHAM school, full of the *******, as well as in chioces movie rentals in the high street, causing hassle to the public waiting for a bus, or anyone else that isn’t a ****. Purewell meadows/ estate and of course, the source, SOMERFORD estate.

You can never get it right with *****, they talk to you but you cant understand them , they talk in a ******* stupid language that noone can understand, and that resembles the noise that are primitive ancestors used to make.
you cant talk to them because they’ll start on you, you cant look away from them because they’ll start on you, just an inevitability that you will have some problems with ***** in this town.

the local law, well dont get me going, do **** all, move them on to somewhere else to cause havoc and unrest.
i love it right when they are parading around in the town on those ****** little chicken chaser bikes (the old ones that used to fold in half) with flat tires. Thinking they are hard as. **** off are you. and their ****** little BLING ******** that cost **** all from argos or was probably robbed.

You cant engage in intelligent conversation with them because you dont understand them, and they don’t know anything intelligent, they like their drugs, and cheap alcohol, you know lambrini, cider nad other ********, stella especially, makes them go crazy with no moral regards for anyone else.

i just dont understand how and why the punks and skaters of this town have to put up with this every single day. Do we say anything to them, No, we are quite happy to leave them alone in their little worlds never amounting to anything and ending up back where they started. On the estates.

Anyone else who is local and shares my feelings, email me at [email protected]

cheers guys get back to me

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