Chorleywood – where God botherers and ***** live side by side.

I find it hard to believe that Chorleywood has not yet had a mention on this esteemed website. Apparently this is one of the centres for the charismatic church in the South East, though you would never credit it from the ungodly behaviour of the local ‘youth’ .
The favourite **** pastimes include:
A) ******* around on the solitary bench on Shire Lane, occasionally daring each other to try and get served in Victoria Wine, but otherwise just littering the place and swearing at passers-by.
B) Smashing car wing mirrors with a blunt object.
C) Fornicating on the golf course.
D) Bragging about how they managed to get into the nearest ‘club’, this being Long Island Exchange in Rickmansworth (another ******** *Allegedly*), and how they necked 5 back to back aftershocks and then got ejected for ‘nailing some geezer’.
Most of the residents seem to be in cloud cuckoo land and turn a blind eye to such activities. This place is such a cultural vacuum, only recently has an Indian restaurant opened on the high street, and that wasn’t before a volley of protest from the provincial, bigoted **** who have the misfortune of living in this suburban carbuncle.

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